A) By signing this waiver in attending the club and using its facilities and equipment, I agree that I am doing so at my own risk. I assume full responsibility for any injuries sustained by me on the premises of the club. I release and discharge the club and its owners, employees and agents from any and all claims resulting from any use of the facilities or equipment of the club. I am liable to WOW Work out World for its cost of repair or replacement to any damage that I cause to Wow Work Out World’s Facilities.

B) Physical Condition & No Medical Advice: You represent that you are in good physical condition and have no medical reason or impairment that might prevent you from your intended use of WOW(Work Out World) facilities. As such, you acknowledge that WOW(Work Out World) did not give you medical advice before your trial/membership of the club, and cannot give you any after you join, relating to your physical condition and ability to use the facilities. If you have any health or medical concerns now or after you join, discuss them with your doctor before using the facilities.

C) Liability of Property: WOW Work Out World is not liable to you or your guests for any personal property that is damaged, lost, or stolen while on or around WOW Work Out World premises including, but not limited to, a vehicle or its contents or any property left in a locker. If you or your guest cause any damage to WOW Work Out World facilities, you are liable to WOW Work Out World for its cost of repair or replacement.

D) Guest affirms, acknowledges, and attests that Guest’s mailing address, telephone number, cellular telephone number, and e-mail address provided on the face of this trial agreement are accurate and are provided by Guest voluntarily. Subject to applicable law, guest agrees that Work Out World, including its agents and affiliates, may contact guest at any mailing address, telephone number, cellular telephone number (SMS), or e-mail address set forth on the face of this agreement, or subsequently provided by Guest to Work Out World. “Providing physical or electronic SMS consent is not a condition of being a member of our gym. Guests can “opt-out” of SMS communication by replying “STOP” at any time. Trial valid with local ID. Pass valid for first time guests of Work Out World only. Guests must be at least 18 years of age or older.