Please be safe and continue your work outs as exercise has been proven to boost your immune system

In-Home Workout with Coach Jim

In-Home Workout with Coach Becca

"We are so excited to announce that as of July 6th All WOW! Clubs will be reopened!

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The state requires “…  face coverings for all workers and visitors, except where unsafe due to medical condition or disability. If customers cannot wear a face-covering during strenuous fitness activities, physical distancing must be at least 14 feet.”

For everyone’s safety, stay home if you have a fever or are symptomatic.
Workers will be, screened at each shift to be certain they are not experiencing symptoms

We adhere to MA.Gov guidelines, please do your part …

Some amenities may be closed, including the Kids Zone, showers, sauna/steam room, locker room access will be limited

Group classes will reconvene in a couple of weeks. Make sure to follow us for more updates

In Fitness & Health,
WOW Management