COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Step 1: Health Checks and Temperature Checks

Upon entry all members, staff, vendors, and visitors will be subject to a temperature check and will be asked a series of COVID-19 risk factor questions before being granted access.

Step 2: Mask Policy

All members must wear masks when utilizing our facilities. Our belief is you
wear your mask to protect the patrons around you and they wear their mask
to protect you. We are in this together!

Step 3: Practice Social Fitnessing

You will notice signage on specific equipment to assure social distancing guidelines are being followed. Also, you will notice spacing in our studios to assure ample space between movements.

Step 4: Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting

As we re-opened our locations, we re-evaluated our cleaning products and procedures. First, hand sanitizer will be prevalent around our locations. To assure the utmost consistency, we have hired an outsourced cleaning company to deep clean day and night. We also leverage this company to utilize products like Virex, a known COVID-19 killer. Finally, we are having our facilities fogged/electrostatic sprayed on a consistent basis to assure all hard-to-reach surfaces are disinfected regularly.

Step 5: Government Required Mandates

Operating hours are subject to change, but we are currently following state/government specifics. Maximum Occupancy guidelines are being strictly mandated as we track every patron walkin in and out of our facilities.

We understand this is a unique and challenging time globally. We greatly appreciate your support in helping WOW! operate in a clean, safe, and effective manner.